The TEFL experience - In a new country, alone and no friends - sounds like fun!

Since i'm going to be alone for 4 weeks, in a small cramped room with no mates and a crap load of large confusing textbooks, i might as well tell everybody who cares (or doesn't) how am doing.

And maybe i can help a few others along the way and make a few friends (something i dont do without a huge slap of cynicism and dis-trust) But honestly, i'm lovely really

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hey! Right, i'm off to Barca!! Very tired and drained from all the packing and stressing but hey, could be worse, i could still be setting up breakfast!!

Things i'm gonna miss about Cardiff:

- home (obviously!)
- my car!!
- British TV
- Kings Road in Canton... so many memories.
- Alfie, Gandy, Sookie and Ozzy (RIP)
- late night drinks in Chapter
- Driving. Anywhere and everywhere...
- Complaing about my job! (and there was a LOT of complaining)
- Golf.
- rolling my mum cigarettes in her car.
- walking home through Llandaf fields with the city lights behind me.
- Pykey's basement (dont ask)
- Everyone from work.
- Pulse (well i say miss...!)
- Penarth road!

And finally my mum and dad, who are the most wonderful people (and craziest) i know!

And now... Barcelona!